Abbreviations for Pay Stubs

Abbreviations for Pay Stubs from Leading Payroll Firms:

The acronyms that you see on a pay stub are pay stub shorthand. Your pay stub’s details is condense by payroll providers to make it simpler for them to print more data on one piece of paper. Trubridge Paystubs Evolution is very interesting in this regard.

Certain payroll organizations use a completely unique set of acronyms, while others do not. The pay stub acronyms usage by any significant payroll providers, including ADP, the accounting software, Paychex, Ariba, the E-Verify, as well as Paycom, are in this piece.

This article’s goal is to offer readers a broad understanding of payroll abbreviations along with how to read pay stubs.

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How Do Pay Stub The acronyms Make Sense?

Abbreviations for Pay Stubs

Making pay stubs simpler for workers to grasp, certain businesses often enforce their own set of acronyms. 

We have prepared such data since it might be a challenge for staff to recall all the acronyms at times.

Standard abbreviations for pay stubs employed by any significant payroll providers:

Abbreviations Commonly Used on Pay Stubs

Following are some common pay stub acronyms that employees will see on all pay stubs.

Employee Name: The worker’s name in English.

Social Security Number (SSN): This is the employee’s SSN.

EID: Employee ID number: A unique employee identifier given by the organization.

Year-to-date revenues or losses are those that have accrued since the year’s commencement.

Pay Stub acronyms for Income

These acronyms pertain to income:

  • Salary is the amount a worker is paid for a certain pay period.
  • Hour Rate: The pay per hour for the workers. If an employee is recruited at a rate of $10 per hour, they receive $10 for each hour spent.
  • Total number of hours completed by the employee over the course of the specified pay period.
  • Regular Wages for Work Done During a Specific Pay Time frame: REG: Reg Pay.
  • SI stands for “Supplemental Income,” meaning extra money on top of a regular paycheck.
  • The standard definition of overtime compensation is five times a worker’s regular hourly rate.
  • OT@1.5: An excess rate equal to fifteen times a worker’s regular hourly wage.
  • OT@2 refers to an overtime rate that is twice the employee’s regular hourly wage.
  • PTO: earned time off or individual time off

Deductions before taxes Abbreviations on Pay Stubs

Deductions that lower your taxable earnings are known as pre-tax adjustments. They are subtractions made from what you earn before taxes are computed. Pre-tax deductions sometimes lead to lower taxes being estimated.

Remember that regulations at the federal as well as state levels often alter the pre-tax deduct rules. Seek a local tax expert as a result.

Typical pre-tax benefit acronyms include: 

  • 401k/Ret: Pension tax withholdings or a 401k.
  • DCR: compensation for dependent care
  • Dental: Dental insurance
  • INS/MED: Deductions for insurance or health insurance

Account for flexible spending

  • reimbursement for medical expenses
  • Healthcare Savings Account
  • Retaining for long-term incapacity
  • STD: Withholding for short-term impairment
  • VIS/Vision: Premium vision

Abbreviations Used on Tax Pay Stubs

Your pay stubs often show and deduct a number of various taxes.  Such fees are subject to state and municipal laws.

Here are some typical tax acronyms:

  • FED Tax: Retained a federal earnings tax.
  • FICA stands for the Federal Healthcare Contributions Act, which establishes requirements for both company and staff contributions to the pension systems and Medicare. The Federal Medical Contribution Act (FICA) is another name for it.
  • Medicare: FICA/MT: 1.45% of the taxable revenue is generally the Medicare Tax.
  • The Social Safety Tax, or FICA/SS, is 6.2% of the taxable earnings, subject to a cap that varies by tax year.
  • Federal Disability Tax (FUTA) In essence, the FUTA tax is a government payroll deduction that is applied to state benefits for unemployment. Companies that make earnings liable to payroll taxes on unemployment should be concerned.
  • ST: Withheld state income tax. The State Taxes may be shortened to the State’s acronym. (For example, FL tax, CA tax, etc.)
  • State unemployment benefits (SUI): The sum of SUI is determined by the tax year and other variables. Additionally, depending on whether or not you contribute to the unemployed insurance system in your home state, a different amount may be deducted from your income.
  • Old Age, the survivors, as well as Disabilities Insurance is referred to as OASDI.

Additional taxes that a business may deduct from wages include local taxes. Some states do not have them often.

Pay Stub The acronyms for After-Tax Deductions

After-tax expenses made after taxes compution. As a result, after-tax deductions have no impact on your tax obligations.

Typical acronyms for after-tax deductions include:

  • Bankrpty: Insolvency
  • CHD Children’s support
  • Garn: Flat-rate garnishment
  • Garn%: The garnishment rate
  • Stdnloan for students
  • Tax levy in Texas
  • Levy by the Treasury Service
  • R401: Contributions to a Roth 401(k)
  • Employer-sponsored retirement savings plans, or ESPP
  • Plan C529: 529 college savings
  • Paying union dues
  • Disability and several types of life insurance
  • CC: Contributions to charity
  • VIS/Vision: Superb vision

Other The acronyms on Pay Stubs

401k / Ret 401k or retirement withholdings
ACRAcctRecv: Accounts Receivable
ACTAct Pay: Acting Pay
ADCDCSA: Dependent Care Spending Acct
ADDAdd Pay: Additional Pay
Add Pay Additional pay
ADMAdm Lv: Administrative Leave
AHCHCSA: Health Care Spending Account
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy
BBCBen Bank: Benefit Bank Cash
BLFBasLife: Basic Life Insurance
BREBereavmt: Bereavement – Exempt
BRNBereavmt: Bereavement – Non-Exempt
BRVMT Bereavement pay
CHD SU Child support
Check No.Check Number: 
Cmp Pyot Compensatory time payout
CNT Pay Contract pay salary
COBCOBRA: COBRA – Spouse/Child After-Tax
CPLCompLoan: Computer Loan
CPOCmp Pyot: Comp Time Payout
CPTCmp Take: Comp Time Taken
CRECourt EX: Court/Subpoena Exempt
CRFCRF: Center for Responsible Funding
CRTCourt NE: Court/Subpoena NonEx
CVAConvAdv: Conversion Advance
DCR Dependent care reimbursement
Den / Dental Dental premium
DEPDenDomPart: Dental Domestic Partner
DOKDock Pay: Dock Pay
DPCDomPart: Domestic Partner Cash
EICEarn Inc: Earned Income Credit
EINEmployee identification number (similar to your social security number): 
ERPERTaxPre: Early Retirement Tax Prepaid
ERTERTaxabl: Early Retirement Taxable
FAJFac Adj: Faculty Adjustment to Pay
Fed / FWT / FIT / FITW These are abbreviations used for “federal tax withholding.”
FICA Med FICA stands for the “Federal Insurance Contributions Act” and Med stands for “Medicare.” This is the Medicare contribution that you pay at 1.45%.  
FICA This stands for “Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Social Security.” It is the mandatory social security that you’ll pay. It varies by year. 
FIMFICA Med: FICA Medicare
FIOFICA SS: FICA Old Age Social Security
FMLFMLA: Family/Medical Leave w/o Pay
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act
FSA Flexible spending account
FSSFSumSal: Faculty Summer Salary
Garn Garnishment flat rate
Garn % Garnishment percentage
GFCGiftCert: Gift Certificate
GIFSwatGift: Gift To Swarthmore College
Gross Earnings before taxes and deductions
HCR Health care reimbursement
HOLHoliday: Holiday Pay
HRHourly Rate: The employees’ hourly rate. If the employee is hired at $10 per hour, the employee will get paid $10 per every hour worked.
HRFHI Refnd: Health Ins Premium Refund
HRSHours: Total hours the employee worked during the given pay period.
HSA Health saving account
IMPImpt Inc: Imputed Income
INS / MED Insurance or medical insurance deductions
IRS Levy Internal Revenue Service levy
JDEJuryDuty: Jury Duty – Exempt
JDNJuryDuty: Jury Duty – Non-Exempt
Jury Jury duty pay
LFFLV FP/FB: Leave Full Pay + Full Benefits
LMGLandMtg: Land Mortgage
LNLoan: Loan
LNNLV NP/NB: Leave No Pay + No Benefits
LNPLV NP/PB: Leave No Pay + Part Benefits
Local Tax Here is where you’ll find local or city tax withholdings.
LPPLV PP/PB: Leave Part Pay + Part Benefits
LSTLocSerTx: Local Services Tax
LTCLongTerm: Long Term Care
LTDLTD: Long Term Disability
LTD Long term disability withholding
LTELTDTopUp: LTD Top-Up Sick Pay-Exempt
LTULTDTopUp: LTD Top-Up Sick Pay-Hourly
LTXLTDTxbl: LTD Taxable Premium
MEDMedical: Medical Premium 
MEPMedDomPart: Medical Domestic Partner
Misc Miscellaneous pay (pay they don’t have a code for)
MLKMLK Hol: Martin Luther King Holiday
Move Rem Move reimbursement
MSCMisc: Miscellaneous
MTGMortgage: Mortgage Payment
MTXMove Rem: Move Reimburse Taxable
MVGMovgExp: NonTaxable Moving Expense Reim
Net Earnings after taxes and deductions
OnCall On Call Pay
OTOT@1.5: Overtime @ 1.5 X Reg
OT@1.5 Overtime pay (at 1.5 times your regular pay rate)
OT@2Overtime pay (at 2 times your regular pay rate)
PCNPhil NR: Phila Non-Resident Wage Tax
PCRPhil Res: Phila Resident Wage Tax
PHEEdu WA: Higher Ed Wage Attachment
PTLParentPy: Parental Leave Pay
PTO Personal time off or paid time off
PTXPrtnrMed: Same Sex Partner Med Reimburse
R4TRet457T: Retirement 457 – TIAA/CREF
R4VRet457V: Retirement 457 – Vanguard
RACRetAddlC: Retirement Addl – Calvert
RATRetAddlT: Retirement Addl – TIAA/CREF
RAVRetAddlV: Retirement Addl – Vanguard
REGReg Pay: Regular Earnings
REHFacERHlt: Faculty Early Retiree Health
RNMRent-Mgw: Rent – Morganwood Only
RNTRent: Rent Payment
RSCRetSRACA: Retirement SRA – Calvert
RSVRetSRAVA: Retirement SRA – Vanguard
RTCRetireCA: Retirement Plan – Calvert
RTTRetireTC: Retirement Plan – TIAA/CREF
RTVRetireVA: Retirement Plan – Vanguard
RTXRent Sub: Rent Subsidy N/C Taxable
SAJStaffAdj: Staff Adjustment to Pay
SAVSalAdv: Salary Advance
SCESick: Sick Pay – Exempt
SCFSCP Full: Salary Continuation Full 100%
SCLSC Part: Salary Continuation Exempt-75%
SCPSC Part: Salary Continuation Part @ 75%
SCSSC Ext: Salary Continuation Part @ 60%
Severanc Severance pay
SISupplemental Income: Additional income separate from the normal salary.
SICSick: Sick Pay
Sick Sick pay
SignOn Sign on Bonus Pay
SLRYSalary: The amount the employee gets paid for the given pay period.
SMDMD ST TX: Maryland State Tax
SNJNJ ST TX: New Jersey State Tax
SOHOH ST TX: Ohio State Tax
SPAPA St Tx: Pennsylvania State Tax
SSNSocial Security Number: 
ST Tax / SWT / SIT / SITW These abbreviations are used for the “state tax withholding.”
STD Short term disability withholding
StdnLoan Student loan
SVAVA ST TX: Virginia State Tax
SVFSV-Full: Severance/Full Salary Exempt
SVHSV-Half: Severance/Half Salary Exempt
SVNSeverance: Severance/Non-Exempt
TPSTPSick: Third-Party Sick Non-Taxable
TPTTPSick: Third-Party Sick Taxable
TRNTranChek: Transit Check Plan
TUITuiReimb: Tuition Reimbursement
TuiReimb Tuition reimbursement
TX Levy Tax levy
UNWUnitdWay: United Way
UPAPA SUI: PA State Unemployment EE
VACVacation: Vacation Pay
Vac Vacation pay
VCEVacation: Vacation Pay – Exempt
VIPVisDomPart: Vision Domestic Partner 
VISVision: Vision Premium 
VIS / Vision Vision premium
VPTVP Other: Vacation Payout – Term LTD Other
WA1WageAttm: Wage Attachment – Every Pay
WA2WageAttm: Wage Attachment 1 & 2 Only
WA3WageAttm: Wage Attachment % of Gross
YTD Year to date earnings

When are pay stubs significant?

For workers, pay stubs are crucial because they show your earning earnings as well as the taxes withheld from your cheque, allowing you to calculate your final net paycheck. Pay stubs used by applicants for loans or mortgages to verify their ability to pay. Learn more about Trubridge Paystub Online here and what are the benefits of monthly vs biweekly pay..

What if you don’t comprehend the acronyms?

You may get in touch with your payroll office and ask them to clarify anything on the pay slip that you don’t comprehend or that appears inappropriate.  Alternatively, you may go straight to the HR department.

Final Remarks

Most payroll providers often utilize the pay stub initials described above. Additional information can be available in your company’s manuals for staff or HR division. 

In this post, we covered what data that is more typically condense on paystubs; nevertheless, you should be aware that laws and as are always changing for various workplaces and professions. In simple terms, some paystub acronyms vary from business to firm.

Consider out this paycheck stub generator in the event that you want pay stubs as proof of your revenue for a mortgage, auto loan, or other loan. Payment stubs generated in about 30 seconds!

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